Estampas Porteñas: Deseos
A 21st Century display of Tango traditions
Performance Dates
Friday, November 18, 2016 8:00pm at Centennial Hall

“… dances that reflect the speed of contemporary urban tango, yet retain the precision and polish of its golden age.” – The Guardian

The Buenos Aires Tango Company, Estampas Porteñas present their newest production, “Deseos...Stories of Longing and Desire told through Argentine Tango and Music.” “Deseos” is a celebration of the greatest artistic elements of Argentina including the indomitable tango, the athletic malambo of the gauchos, and musical styles from the melancholic to celebratory. 

This new creation by artistic director, Carolina Soler, features a company of 25 dancers, musicians and singers who bring exhilarating storytelling to the stage, revealing the heart and soul of Argentina. The performance will also include advanced technical elements such as 3D projection mapping, a method of illumination and projection that will allow the stage to be transformed instantaneously from a train station in rural Argentina to a milonga in an urban barrio, to an outdoor plaza in Buenos Aires. "Deseos" promises to be the height of technical production matched by flawless and emotive dancing, and ardent, soul-filled music.

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