Portland Cello Project
Infinite Variety
Performance Dates
Saturday, January 19, 2019 8:00pm at Crowder Hall


"...every piece is treated with equal sincerity, and arranged not just to invoke the original but deconstruct and re-imagine its essence." THE SEATTLE TIMES

An Infinite Variety performance will have everything from classical to jazz to pop to heavy metal to new music compositions and completely improvised works, all in an order as random as the weather of the Pacific Northwest. (I.e., if you don't like what's happening... just wait five minutes because it will change!) With over a thousand pieces of music in the repertoire to draw from, no two shows are alike, and every Infinite Variety musical journey engages the audience with clear, humorous and insightful narration from the stage to explain the musical choices that are made on each particular evening.

"Infinite Variety" has become the informal title of the prototypical Cello Project performance that has built the group's reputation over the last ten years. The primary sources of the phrase (Pablo Casals and Shakespeare) relate so closely to the primary philosophies of Portland Cello Project: to bridge musical communities of all backgrounds together through the cello, and to find the timelessness and beauty in all musical forms whether or not they were initially imagined for the cello. (More info and the exact quotes below.)

Performers: This performance happens usually with 5-8 cellists and a rhythm section and sometimes even some brass depending on who is around and available. The rhythm section and brass play on about half the program while the rest is the pure cello ensemble. Cellists on these programs typically include improvising cellist Skip vonKuske (Vagabond Opera), classical virtuoso Diane Chaplin (Colorado Quartet), and the shows are almost always led Douglas Jenkins (Cello Project Artistic Director). 

This performance takes place in conjunction with the Tucson Cello Congress hosted by the American String Teachers Association and the Fred Fox School of Music.


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