Twyla Tharp Fiftieth Anniversary Tour
Contemporary dance from legendary choreographer
Performance Dates
Sunday, October 9, 2016 7:00pm at Centennial Hall

“...the work of a master. There is so much in them: so much variety, so much life.” – The New York Times

Twyla Tharp– one of the century’s most treasured artists – continues to celebrate her 50th anniversary of groundbreaking creativity and dance making with an evening of classic and new work. The program begins with the folksy and lively Country Dances from 1976. Set to music from America’s heartland, the dancers bring Tharp’s choreography to life as they do-si-do through square dance adaptations. Next is Tharp’s newest work, a dramatic piece featuring longtime Tharp dancer Matthew Dibble with the company, set to two movements from Beethoven’s Opus 130 and his Grosse Fuge. The evening closes with 1980’s tour de force, Brahms Paganini, a work for six set to Books I & II of Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Opus 36 by Johannes Brahms. This dance showcases the virtuosity of Tharp’s dancers, featuring a male soloist who dances all of Book I and a quartet and female soloist who display a high level of partnering expertise and stamina in the movement of Book II.

Sponsors: Shirley Chann; Jill and Herschel Rosenzweig

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